Professor Ramses A. Wessel


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Foto: Arjan Reef, UT Nieuws

University Dean of Educational Innovation

Professor of International and European Law and Governance

University of Twente

Centre for European Studies

Faculty of Behaviourial, Management & Social Sciences

P.O. Box 217

NL-7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands

Secretariat Educational Innovation


Secretariat EU and International Law

(+31)(0)53.489.3260 (Room Ravelijn 4216)

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Visits: Citadel Building, room H 417

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978-90-6704-902-3 (1) Informal International Lawmaking

Professional functions

Full Professor of International and European Law and Governance,

Dean of Educational Innovation at the Rectorate of the University of Twente.

Former Dean at the School of Management and Governance, and Co-Director of the Centre for European Studies (a Centre of Expertise connected to the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies - IGS).The Chair is part of the Department of Public Administration and the school’s Law & Regulation group.

Additional functions include:

Visiting Professor Universidad Internacional de Andalucía and Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla;

Editor-in-Chief and founder of the International Organizations Law Review; Editor-in-Chief of the Netherlands Yearbook of International Law;

Editor of European Papers: A Journal on Law and Integration; and of Nijhoff Studies in European Union Law;

Member of the Editorial Board of The European Union in International Affairs book series and the CLEER Papers

Former Editor-in-Chief of Vrede en Veiligheid; former Managing Editor of Helsinki Monitor and former Editorial Board member of the Internationale Spectator

Member of the standing governmental Advisory Committee on Issues of Public International Law (CAVV);

Member of the Coordinating Committee of the Interest Group The EU Union as a Global Actor of the European Society of International Law

Senior member of the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG) and the Research School Ius Commune;

Fellow of the Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of the Law (HiiL); Fellow of the Centre for Conflict and Security Law; and Member of the Governing Board and co-founder of the Centre for the Law of EU External Relations (CLEER) in The Hague;

Member of the International Steering Committee for the European Union in International Affairs (EUIA) conferences

Chairman of the Programme Committee of Studium Generale at the University of Twente


>August 2016: Editorial on Brexit: You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, But Can You Really Leave? On ‘Brexit’ And Leaving International Organizations

>May 2016: Horizon 2020 project awarded on The Post-Crisis Legitimacy of the European Union (PLATO)

>1 May 2016: Call for papers: The Contribution of the EU to the International Legal Order (closed)

>27 April 2016: First issue European Papers online free of charge (Journal on Law and Integration)

>20 April 2016: Interview over de Verenigde Naties in Nieuwsuur

>8 April 2016: Dutch farce on Ukraine: Is there a way out?

>7 April 2016: Wat nu? Opties voor de regering na het Oekraïne-referendum

>17 March 2016: Ramses Wessel appointed as Member of the Coordinating Committee of the Interest Group The European Union as a Global Actor of the European Society of International Law

>10 March 2016: OUT NOW: Judicial Decisions on the Law of International Organizations

>23 February 2016: Register now for the 3rd CLEER Summer School on EU External Relations Law

>2 February 2016: Studium Generale - Associatieverdrag EU-Oekraine: voor of tegen?, De Vrijhof, Universiteit Twente (video available)

>29 January 2016: Interview on EU-Ukraine referendum on RTV Oost

>22 January 2016: Parliamentary Hearing on crisis management downing flight MH17, Houses of Parliament

>December 2015: Rapport Evaluatie Nationale Crisis-Beheersingsorganisatie Vlucht MH17 (R. Torenvlied, E. Giebels, R.A. Wessel, J.M. Gutteling, M. Moorkamp, W.G. Broekema)

>old news

Research – Innovating the Governance of Multilevel Regulation

Research expertise lies in the field of international and European institutional law and governance, with a focus on (the influence of technological developments on) global governance, international organizations, EU external relations, European and global foreign, security and defence policy, and the vertical relations between legal orders (global-EU-domestic). The effects of international developments on the EU and its Member States (and vice versa) forms a central theme. This theme is approached from the perspective of new developments and innovations in EU and global governance and multilevel regulation as part of the multi-disciplinary and highly acclaimed research program Innovation of Governance, which focuses on changes in the relationships between citizens and their government at various levels, with specific attention for the emergence of multilevel governance, from the viewpoints of legitimacy and effectiveness. Research projects increasingly deal with the regulation of technological innovations in various sectors (including railways, nanotechnology, medical devices, telecom, (cyber) security, (green) energy and the internet). Research activities are furthermore embedded in the program Constitutional Processes (theme: Constitutional Processes in the International Legal Order) of the international Ius Commune Research School.

My whereabouts

>16 December 2016: Staatsrechtconferentie 2016: Constitutionele mogelijkheden en beperkingen voor experimenteel handelen en experimentele wetgeving, Universiteit Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands

>17 November 2016: Presentation at the workshop The Changing Landscape of EU Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

>4 November 2016: ACELG Annual Conference, The Rule of Law in the Technological Age: Challenges and Opportunities for the EU, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

>21 October 2016: Grenzenloos Bestuur, Lustrumcongres Bestuurskunde, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands

>30 September 2016: Expert Meeting Implementing the EU’s New Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy: An Appraisal & Looking Ahead, The Hague Institute for Global Justice, The Hague, The Netherlands

>14 September 2016: Book presentation of Judicial Decisions on the Law of International Organizations, TMC Asser Institute, The Hague, The Netherlands

>8-10 September 2016: 12th Annual Conference of the European Society of International Law, Riga, Latvia

>7 September 2016: Co-organiser Workshop ESIL Interest Group ‘The EU as a Global Actor’: The Contribution of the European Union to the International Legal Order (papers will be available here), Riga, Latvia

>13 July 2016: Presentation From Participation to Membership within the OSCE, Conference Strengthening the Legal Framework of the OSCE, Harnack-Haus,

Max Planck Society, Berlin, Germany

>27 June 2016: Keynote on EU International Representation at the 3rd CLEER Summer School on EU External Relations Law, Brussels, Belgium

>24 June 2016: Presentation EU External Relations Law and Mixed Agreements, Academy of European Law, Trier, Germany

>23 June 2016: Referendum Night 2016 (from 8pm - 3am!) hosted by LSE European Institute in partnership with The UK in a Changing Europe, London, UK

>23-24 June 2016: 2nd Jean Monnet Doctoral Workshop on Interactions between European and International Law, City University London, London, UK

>19 May 2016: Dinner with the King, the Queen and the Corps Diplomatique at the Royal Palace, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

>11-13 May 2016: Presentations on A Political-Legal Analysis of EU and Member State External Action and Legal Aspects of Parliamentary Control over European Foreign Policy, The European Union in International Affairs V conference, Brussels, Belgium

>28-29 April 2016: EU CFSP/CSDP Workshop, City University London, London, UK

>12 April 2016: Presentation on Constitutional Aspects of the EU’s Global Actorness: Increased Exclusivity in Trade and Investment and the Role of the European Parliament, RELEX Working Group Workshop Series The EU’s approach to trade and investment agreements – What content, motives and normative basis?, Session ‘The New Powers of the European Parliament and Article 21 TEU – A recipe for change?’, Villa Schifanoia, European University Institute, Florence, Italy

>31 March-1 April 2016: Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, Sevilla, Spain

>March-April 2016: Visiting Professor at Sapienza – Università di Roma, Department of International and European Law, Rome, Italy

>25-26 February 2016: CEPS Ideas Lab: An EU Fit for Purpose?, The Egg, Brussels, Belgium

>19 February 2016: Member PhD-committee, Rute Vicente (La responsabilité internationale de l’Union et des Etats membres pour fait internationalement illicite), Université de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland

>3 February 2016: Flying High: Passenger Rights, European Demos and Legitimacy of the Court of Justice, Inaugural Lecture Prof. Adam Lazowski, University of Westminster, London, UK

>2 Februari 2016: Presenting at and leading the debate on the Referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, Studium Generale, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands

>25 January 2016: Study Trip Master European Studies, Geneva, Switzerland

>22 January 2016: Parliamentary Hearing on crisis management downing flight MH17, Houses of Parliament, The Hague, The Netherlands

>20-21 January 2016: The Netherlands EU Presidency Seminar A Stronger CSDP: Deepening Defence Cooperation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

>earlier events


Key Projects

>2016-now: PLATO (Horizon 2020): The Post-Crisis Legitimacy of the European Union

>2015: Evaluatie crisisbeheersing MH17

>2014-2015: PROCON (Horizon 2020): Europe's contribution to a value-based global order

>2014-now: RETUNE (Horizon 2020): Training network The Post-crisis Legitimacy of the European Union

>2014-2015: The Influence of the EU on Sub-National Authorities (Ministry for the Interior)

>2012-2014: EEAS 2.0 project – Redrafting the 2010 Decision on the organisation and functioning of the European External Action Service

>2011-2015: NanoNextNL, project 01C.04 Governance and regulation

>2010-2012: Informal International Law-Making (INLAW), HiiL (Geneva, Leuven, Twente)

>2010-2011: Marie Curie Initial Training Network EXACT in the field of EU External Action

>2008-now: EUPERFORM network on the performance of the EU in multilateral institutions

>2004-2008: EU Network of Excellence Connecting Excellence on European Governance (CONNEX)


The Chair is responsible for a number of courses in the European Public Administration and European Studies programs. Undergraduate courses include: European Legal Integration, European Legal Governance, EU External Legal Relations, and Introduction to Law

Graduate course: European Union Law

Post-graduate: Masterclass Europa in de Publieke Sector

Selected guest lectures: Bogotá, Grenoble, Moscow, Trier, Sevilla, Berlin, Luxembourg, Sheffield, Cologne, Riga, Helsinki, Dubrovnik, Münster, Leuven, Rome

Ph.D supervision

As promoter

Karolien Pieters, The Integration of the Mediterranean Neighbours into the EU Internal Market (successfully defended October 2009)

Chris Breuer, The Regional Conundrum: How Regions and Encompassed Actors are Involved in EU Regional Policy (successfully defended April 2011)

Martin Holterman, The Transaction Costs of Semi-Public Institutions: The History of the Railways as a Challenge for Coase (successfully defended September 2011)

Nupur Chowdhury, European Regulation of Medical Devices: Regulatee Expectations of Legal Certainty (successfully defended September 2013)

Maurits Sanders, Publiek-Private Samenwerking in de Nederlandse energiesector: vorm en legitimiteit (successfully defended December 2013)

Lesley Broos, ‘Publieksvriendelijk’ versnellen van innovatie in netwerksectoren: exploratie van wetstechnische mogelijkheden ter bevordering van innovatie in de telecomsector, met behoud van de bescherming van publieke belangen (successfully defended February 2014)

Marcel Kiers, Er zijn meerdere wegen die naar Brussel leiden. Strategie en doelbereiking van Nederlandse provincies in Europa (successfully defended February 2014)

Evisa Kica, The Legitimacy of Transnational Private Governance Arrangements Related to Nanotechnologies: The Case of International Organization for Standardization (successfully defended January 2015)

Claudio Matera, The European Union as an International Actor in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. A Legal Constitutional Analysis (date set on 29 June 2016)

Renuka Dhinakaran, The Legal Regime governing Employment Relations in International Organisations (in progress; joint project with Utrecht University)

Morid Pagardi, EU Sanctions and Iran (in progress)

As member of the assessment committee

Graham Butler, The European Union and External Relations: A Legal Perspective of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (University of Copenhagen, 2017)

Remy Chandran, If WEMS is the Solution, What is the Problem? (University of Twente, 2016)

Ronald Beckers, Building Performance-Indicators in the Planning Process (University of Twente, 2016)

Rute Vicente, La responsabilité internationale de l’Union et des Etats membres pour fait internationalement illicite (Université de Genève, 2016)

Maaike Damen-Koedijk, EU Cohesion Policy & Accountability: Coverage, Context, Content & Costs in the Case of ERDF in the Netherlands (University of Twente, 2016)

Hans Merket, The European Union and the Security-Development Nexus: Bridging the Legal Divide (Universiteit Gent, 2015)

Aline Reichow, Effective Regulation under Conditions of Scientific Uncertainty: How Collaborative Networks Contribute to Occupational Health and Safety Regulation for Nanomaterials (University of Twente, 2015)

Moritz Moelle, Cooperation of International Organisations in Peacekeeping Operations and Issues of International Responsibility (Universities of Geneva and Leiden, 2014)

Marc Harmsen, Ambtshalve toetsing door de bestuursrechter: gerechtvaardigde uitzondering of uitgeholde regel? (University of Twente, 2013)

Scarlett McArdle, The International Responsibility of the European Union: a Critique of the International Law Commission’s Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations (The University of Sheffield, UK, 2013)

Muhire G. Yves, The African Union’s Right of Intervention and the UN System of Collective Security (Utrecht University, 2013)

Dennis Gyllensporre, The EU as a Crisis Management Actor: An Examination of the Common Security Defence Policy through Lenses of Idealism and Realism (University of Maastricht, 2010)

Bart van Vooren, A Paradigm for Coherence in EU External Relations Law: The European Neighbourhood Policy (European University Institute, Florence, 2010)

Gloria Fernandez Arribas, Las capacidades de la Unión Europea como sujeto de Derecho Internacional (University Pablo de Olavide of Seville, 2008)

Frederik Naert, International Law Aspects of the EU’s Security and Defence Policy, with a particular focus on the law of armed conflict and human rights (Catholic University Leuven, 2008)

Derek Jan Fikkers, Geruisloos beleid: West-Europese regio's in hun zoektocht naar hoger opgeleiden (University of Twente, 2008)

Steven Blockmans, Tough Love: The European Union’s Relations with the Western Balkans (University of Leiden, 2007)

Stephen Sieberson, Dividing lines between the European Union and its member states: assessing the impact of the constitutional treaty (Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2007)

Tobias Nowak, How Judgments Become Law and How Law Restricts Judgments: The Infuence of the European Court of Justice on the Legislative Process of the European Community (University of Groningen, 2007)

Isabel Nunes, Multilevel Role Prescriptions: Portugal, NATO and the CFSP (University of Twente, 23 August 2006)

Aleš Vlk, Higher Education and GATS: Regulatory Consequences and Stakeholders’ Responses (University of Twente, 29 June 2006)

Tanja Aalberts, Politics of Sovereignty (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 7 June 2006)

Mendeltje van Keulen, How the Dutch Government Shapes European Union Policy (University of Twente, 30 March 2006)

Delano Verwey, The European Community, the European Union and the International Law of Treaties (Erasmus University Rotterdam, 7 October 2004)