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Sedef Turper


General information


Sedef Turper joined the department of Political Science and Research Methods (POLMT) as a PhD candidate in March 2011. She is part of the European Social Survey Netherlands team and she is involved in a developmental project funded by NWO. The project constitutes the panel component of European Social Survey and aims at providing a better estimate of the quality of measures.

Sedef Turper studied Political Science and International Relations in Bogazici University and she obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations from Istanbul Bilgi University on the basis of her dissertation titled ’’The Role of Education in Shaping National Identities: Findings of the Survey Study with Greek and Turkish Primary School Children’’.


Research interests


Political Psychology, Research Methods, Nationalism, Social Policy



Sedef Turper, Shanto Iyengar, Kees Aarts & Minna van Gerven (2014). Who is Less Welcome?: The Impact of Individuating Cues on Attitudes towards Immigrants. In: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. ISSN 1369-183X (Print), 1469-9451 (Online)


Conference Papers


Turper, S., Aarts, K. & van Gerven, M. (2013) Separating Political Attitude Change from Attitude Uncertainty: (In)Consistency Experiments of the ESS Panel Component. American Association for Public Opinion Research 68th Annual Conference: Boston, United States (2013, May 16 – 2013, May 19).

Turper, S., Aarts, K. & van Gerven, M. (2013). Who is Less Welcomed? : Assessing the Impact of Individuating Cues on Dutch Attitudes towards Immigrants. Third Annual General Conference of European Political Science Association: Barcelona, Spain (2013, June 20 - 2013, June 22).

Turper, S., Iyengar, S., Aarts, K. & van Gerven, M. (2013). Who is Less Welcomed?: The Impact of Individuating Cues on Attitudes toward Immigrants. 7th MESS Workshop: The Hague, The Netherlands (2013, August 30 – 2013, August 31).


Turper, S. (2012). Giving the right options, getting better responses: Split Ballot MTMM Experiments on Response Options in Surveys. Presentation at Research and Expertise Centre for Survey Methodology, Barcelona, Spain (2012, January 31).

Turper, S. (2012) Charting and Explaining Political Attitude Change. A Panel based on the European Social Survey. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) Workshop on ‘Change in political attitudes: Panels and Experiments’: Barcelona, Spain. (2012, June 7 – 2013, June 8).

Turper, S., aarts, K. & van Gerven, M. (2012). Political Attitude Change: A Closer Look at the Micro-Level Processes through (In)Consistency Experiments of the ESS Panel Component. 4th European Social Survey (ESS) Workshop on Stability and Change in Europe: The Hague, The Netherlands (2012, Sept 27).




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