Assistant Professor (Tenured),

International Relations and European Studies

Chair, Faculty Council, Faculty of Behavioral, Management and Social Sciences

Director, Financial Stability Research Group

Research Expertise:

► Financial systems engineering and financial stability

► International financial markets and regulation

► Banking union and euro zone governance

► Global economic governance

► International Relations & European integration

Author of:

The Regimes of European Integration (Oxford)

Reshaping Economic and Monetary Union (Manchester)

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RA 4250

+ 31 53 489 3259 / 3280



















New and Recent Publications

Richard Deeg and Shawn Donnelly (2016) ‘Banking Union and the Future of Alternative Banks: Revival, Stagnation or Decline?’, West European Politics 39, 3: 585-604.

Shawn Donnelly (2016) ‘Expert Advice and Political Supply of Banking Union in Europe’, Journal of Banking Regulation 17: 104-118.

Shawn Donnelly (2014) ‘The Undersupply of Financial Stability in the EU and its Consequences’, Studia Diplomatica LXVII(2): 21-34.

Shawn Donnelly (2014) Power Politics and the Undersupply of Financial Stability in Europe in: Review of International Political Economy 21, 4: 980-1005.

Current Research Projects

Financial Stability Board impact on national laws and institutions.

Banking Union in the European Union.

Capital Markets Union.

Engineering Global Cybersecurity.

Upcoming and Recent Events

Where are the weakest Links in Banking Union, Council for European Studies Conference, Philadelphia, 16-18 April 2016.