VentureClass Jeroen Kraaijenbrink, June 18

VentureClass June 18 2015 - Enschede

New Style Strategy: How to generate Strategy that actually works

For decades, strategy consultants, textbooks, and MBA programs have promoted a single approach to strategy generation – an approach that relies heavily on mission and vision statements, internal and external analyses, and SWOT analysis. However, this approach often lacks success as it leads to abstract strategies, quickly outdated plans, and a lack of action.

Based on more than a century of insights into strategy, entrepreneurship, and business modeling and on a trial and error process with strategists from over 300 organizations, NIKOS strategy professor Jeroen Kraaijenbrink developed a new approach to strategy, in which creativity, interaction, and value creation are central. Kraaijenbrink recently turned this approach into a practical guide for anyone involved in strategy: The Strategy Handbook.

In his interactive VentureClass, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink will talk about this approach and how one can successfully apply it to generate strategy that works. Join and learn how to develop or change your approach to strategy so that it becomes more down-to-earth, concrete, and practical. 

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