M. (Marjolein) van Klink, MSc.

Contact information:

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0031 53 489 4492




Short bio

I started my academic career studying medicine at the University of Amsterdam (UVA) for a few years. At that point I was already interested in studying learning and learning behavior, which led to my activities in teaching children with learning difficulties during my years as a medical student.

After working in a wide array of occupations (mostly management activities) I decided to study Psychology in 2002. After graduating in psychology (2006) at Twente University on “Hands-on vs. Hands-off Manipulation in Physical, Video Simulation-based Inquiry Learning Environments”, I had the opportunity to participate in some research programs which added to my interest in practicing science.

In 2007 I started work at the School of Applied Psychology and Human Resource Management at the Saxion Universities of Applied Sciences in Deventer. I had the opportunity to further develop my teaching skills and was involved in the development of a new applied psychology curriculum.

In 2009 I decided that, although teaching is a passion of mine, I had missed doing research too much. I had the opportunity to combine teaching and doing research by starting my PhD at IST this summer.






Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP)


Nederlandse Vereniging voor Neuropsychologie (NVN)




Research interests

The cutting edge between developmental psychology, neuropsychology and learning sciences. Development and teaching of scientific thinking, simulation-based inquiry learning, (neuro-) psychological assessment.





In the bachelor program Psychology I am currently involved in:


Educational Psychology” (291202).

In the master program I will be involved in


“Brains and Learning” (291405), starting spring 2010.

During my former occupation I taught the following courses:


Applied Science (bachelor & master degree)


Research Methodology (bachelor & master degree)


Statistics (bachelor & master degree)


Psychological Assessment (bachelor degree)

I was responsible for the development of the following courses:


Cognitive Psychology


Developmental Psychology


Preventive Care


Applied Science


Research Methodology




Psychological Assessment




Selected publications

Van Klink, M., Wilhelm, P., & Lazonder, A. W. (submitted). Hands-on vs. Hands-off manipulation in physical, video, and simulation-based inquiry learning environments. Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

Van Gestel, J. P. J., Drossaert, C. H. C., Van Klink, M., Taal, E., Kampelmacher, M. J., & Van Vught, A. J. (2009). Ervaringen van kinderen en hun ouders met thuisbeademing. Tijdschrift voor kindergeneeskunde, 3, 131-136.

Wilhelm, P. & Van Klink, M. (2007). Validity of the Rey Visual Design Learning Test in Primary and Secondary School Children. Child Neuropsychology, 13, 86-98.