Way 3: List (Evaluation) of current and planned projects

A process to evaluate all the previous, current and planned projects to identify risks, benefits and participants involved.


To learn from previous, running and already planned projects to improve planning for new project.


At the beginning of a project: when a project is most changeable, i.e. at Planning or Pre-Planning stage.


Entire process can be divided into three sub processes as depicted in following table.

Sub process

Basic task


Risk Analysis

- Analyze likelihood and impact of different risks of a project

- Prioritize risks into three categories: Low, Medium and High

- Prioritized risk list with their likelihood and impacts. (click to view the example table)

Benefit identification

- Enumeration of all the benefits

- Evaluation of benefits according to their level (Primary and Secondary)

- Benefit list with their levels. (click to view the example table)

Participants listing

- Identification of participants (both internal and external) involved in projects.

- Identification of participants’ assigned roles and tasks.

- Participant list with their assigned tasks and roles. (click to view the example table)

Risk list helps to assess the likelihood and seriousness/impact of different risks in the new project.

Enumeration and evaluation of benefits helps to realize which aims are possible and which are impossible or unrealistic.

Participants list helps to identify feasible participants for the new project. External participants list helps to identify partners having knowledge about our company.

With the help of these three tables/ lists previous or planned similar project(s) can be identified which can be used as reference for planning of new project.