Gamification, Social and Web-scraping Apps Winning Solutions at 3rd University of Twente Supply Chain Hackathon


The Design Lab of the University of Twente was the vibrant décor of the third Supply Chain Hackathon. Five companies presented their supply chain challenges to the teams. The teams started brainstorming. Data sets the companies were analyzed, visualized and integrated to external data. Mockups were built, algorithms designed, code programmed. After a full day of creative teamwork, the five teams presented their solutions to the jury made up of the companies and the Utwente representatives. The jury was impressed with what was achieved in such a short timeframe. For more information and the winners see the full report.

C:\Users\jos\Dropbox\Onderw\BPIL\BPIL 2015-2016\2015-10 UT 3rd SC Hackathon\DSC_6555.JPG