information about IBA BSc Conference 10 November 2016 and Graduation Ceremony

(See also information on Conference website:

  • Each presentation, in English, in total is planned for 20 minutes including discussion. We prefer you to present in 10 minutes such that 10 minutes discussion is left. At least 5 minutes need to be available for discussion.
  • The UT house style is the standard in powerpoint presentations.
  • At the day of the conference your presentation needs to be on the desktop of the computer in the room at latest 5 minutes before the session of your presentation.
  • Be aware that if you use special features in your presentation you check them.
  • A draft schedule of student presentations on 10 November 2016 will be published on the website and Blackboard as soon as possible.


  • Deadline for delivery of final version to supervisor is 24 October 2016 (supervisor is allowed to agree on other deadline).
  • Your final version needs to be uploaded to the UT repository ( for instructions). It needs to be the version that will be graded by your supervisors. Deadline for uploading is 7 November 17:00h. Hopefully the library is able to handle the large number of theses in order to have them all visible on our website ( two days after uploading.
  • The 3rd and last standard delivery of your final paper:
  • The final paper only needs to be uploaded to Blackboard in case it is asked of you by your track or by your supervisor. We expect the pre-final versions to be in Blackboard in order to check them with Ephorus.

Graduation ceremony also for students who do not graduate + their guests

  • Students finishing their BSc thesis but not graduating will get a BSc Thesis certificate to sign in order to give them the opportunity to experience a graduation ceremony too and not missing its pleasure. 
  • The IBA programme offers all students finishing their BSc Thesis a graduation hat as a present. Students are expected to wear these hats when they enter RA1501. For logistic reasons you get your hat at the end of your session in which you present.  

Invite Family and friends for conference and Graduation Ceremony

  • It would be nice if you invite family and friends for 10 November 2016. No invitations will be sent by University, you are asked to invite your guests. They are welcome the whole day.(see programme) During the day we offer coffee and tea in the breaks around 13:00. Lunch needs to be arranged by you and your guests themselves. To celebrate the good results together we offer you and your guests drinks and snacks after the graduation ceremony.