Jilles Fermont, health sciences alumni, has been nominated for the best oral paper award at the annual meeting of Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi) meeting in Bilbao. His work is entitled "Measuring public preferences for colorectal cancer screening using new genome-based nanotechnologies". Jilles will present his work during the annual meeting from June, 28-30 2012. His work was supervised by Karin Groothuis and Maarten IJzerman. 

Henk Broekhuizen, student health sciences, has been nominated for the Lee Lusted Student Prize at the Society for Medical Decision Making. Henk and co-authors have submitted their work on the integration of patient preference data in quantitative benefit-risk assessment of new medical technologies. The work is closely related to the benefits-risk assessment project of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Henk is supervised by Maarten IJzerman, Brett Hauber (RTI, Durham, USA) and Karin Groothuis. He will present his work orally during the annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ.