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Pricivel joined the department of Health Technology and Services Research of the School of Management and Governance in 2012 after postdoctoral appointments in Austria and Germany and completing her academic qualifications from the University of Hamburg – Faculty of Law and Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg – Faculty of Medicine. In pursuit of sustainable health systems, she conducts research on healthcare financing and the translation of evidence and dissemination of health policy. The link between the topics is made pronounce in terms of the dissemination and implementation of (near-patient) innovation in health and healthcare, including personalized healthcare, within and across health systems. Pricivel teaches in and coordinates the modules Health Economics and Accounting and Health and Health Systems.


Precivil’s research portfolio is made up of three pillars that have health systems research and health economics – and policy to the extent that health economics is preoccupied with positive questions, at the core. These cover the (1) political economy of health expenditures and reforms, (2) globalization of health services’ consumption and provision and (3) sine qua non of well-functioning health care systems. In joining HTSR, she consolidates these pillars and leverages the inertia at and inroad of HTSR in conducting research on the effectiveness of new medical technology in developing a research agenda on the economics of screening and diagnosis. The goal is to establish evidence on the use of technologies in disease prevention and management of diseases and the impact of such in the organization of health care.

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