Abstracts and bio's

Werner Verbiest is Global Head of Janssen Diagnostics, which was formed from the legacy organizations, first Virco (Infectious Diseases), followed by Veridex (Oncology) and then the Johnson and Johnson Companion Diagnostics Centre of Excellence in February 2012. Janssen Diagnostics is focusing on personalized medicine within Janssen, incorporating therapeutic, diagnostic and real world data/health IT solutions to improve patient outcomes.

In 2002, Werner joined Johnson & Johnson, following the acquisition of Tibotec-Virco, but originally had been active in HIV drug development and hepatitis B therapeutic vaccine development in the International Clinical R&D group of the Janssen Research Foundation from 1992. He was one of the first employees of Virco in 1997, and had an instrumental role in Virco’s growth as Project and Business Development Director (1998), Managing Director (Virco Ireland, Ltd; 1999), Vice-President New Products Marketing and Pharma Business (2001), and General Manager from 2004 until its integration into Janssen Diagnostics.

Over these years, he has been active in all phases of HIV clinical trial strategy and implementation, biomarker development (Collaborative Surrogate Marker Validation working groups with FDA and EMA), and has contributed to numerous papers and presentations on pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine.

In his current role as Global Head, Werner plays a leading role in advocating for and actualizing a personalized medicine approach within JnJ, but also outside JnJ, including several board seats in different “precision medicine” and Dx organizations (eg EPEMED, AdvaMedDx, …).