Abstracts and bio's

Alain Huriez MD, is the Chairman and founder of EPEMED.
Alain is Venture Partner at Advent Life Sciences in London and executive
chairman of LuxFold SA. Alain was previously Chief Executive Officer of
TcLand Expression, a molecular diagnostic company dedicated to personalised
medicine diagnostics in Immunology he co-founded in 2002, and located in
Nantes France.
Alain is an industry veteran bringing 23 years of experience in general
management, drug development and financing in the biotechnology sector in
various executive positions in Neovacs, Truffle Capital, Quintiles, GSK.
Alain is Medical Doctor, holds an MBA, a Statistics degree from the
University of Paris VII, and a Masters of Pharmaco-Economics from the
University of Paris I Sorbonne.
Prior to joining the Industry, he was head of an emergency room in a large
teaching hospital and practiced 2 years as General Practitioner.
Alain supports and triggers several initiatives in France and in Europe
regarding personalised medicine, biomarkers and high value diagnostics