Abstracts and bio's

EPEMED with La Charite in Berlin have identified gaps, deficiencies and remaining hurdles in terms of HTA evaluation, pricing, reimbursement and distribution of personalized medicine innovations in the major EU countries. EPEMED proposes recommendations based on expert opinion on what should be the way forward for a complete assessment and economic evaluation of personalized medicines. But in practice how does it work and translate to European patients? How public initiatives are accelerating adoption of personalized medicines among clinicians? What kind of financing schemes are available? What is the impact on PM and CDx manufacturers? How their contribution is going to accelerate adoption?

Decipher and meet the access challenges to a better health for European patients also mean educate stakeholders on the breakthrough role of personalized medicine and diagnostics. Disseminating the latest information on personalized medicine worldwide is therefore of first importance. Are other countries ahead in terms of innovation / research / implementation?

EPEMED and DXInsights in the USA are currently developing the most important knowledge data center in personalized medicine: this initiative will also be presented during this session that concludes with an interactive discussion panel.