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EPEMED’s New European Knowledge Center with DxInsights Inside 

Diagnostics account for 70 percent of all medical and clinical decisions. The Diagnostic industry employs more than a million people world wide.  Diagnostic technology has exploding with new techniques emerging in all fields.  Companion Diagnostics are now commonly used to truly personal medicine and drug treatment.   The field of diagnostics is changing rapidly. 

However, there is a lack of knowledge and understanding by key stakeholders of the potential of personalized medicine. Therefore, EPEMED has created a new European Knowledge Center, in conjunction with DxInsights, to educate stakeholders of the potential of personalized medicine. This unique EPEMED Knowledge Center is the first in its kind and will be a centralized, comprehensive resource for the European diagnostics and personalized medicine clinical, research and commercial community. With our presentation today we’d like to give the participants insight and a sneak preview of the exciting new resource for European specific information.