Course on Early Health Technology Assessment

Course on early Health Technology Assessment

16-17 March 2016 & 23 March 2016, Arnhem

Innovation in medical technologies is critical to continued improvements in patient care and health outcomes. However, developing new technologies is also costly, and their potential yield and impact is often highly uncertain. Early Health Technology Assessment (eHTA), is increasingly promoted as an approach to determine the added value of innovations early in the development cycle. This highly interactive 3-day course by experts in the field will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn about eHTA methods. The course will deal with a range of useful methods supporting the complete development cycle: from the early selection of promising innovations, through the development of a business case, up until (post-)market access decisions. Invited speakers will provide extensive real-world examples covering this development cycle and discussing the relation with financing innovations in healthcare systems. Throughout the course you will get hands-on experience with these methods, as well as ample opportunity to interactively discuss your own cases and questions with the experts. A more detailed program of the course is provided below*.