Galetzka, M. PhD (Mirjam)



Assistant professor



Cubicus, room C 206



+31 (0)53 – 489 3329
+31 (0)53 – 489 3299 (secretary)





After my graduation at the University of Nijmegen (where I was trained as a Social Psychologist), I obtained my Ph.D. at the University of Twente in 1998. My thesis focused on risk perception of industrial activities. Following my PhD research, I worked at the Department of Health Communication & Psychology with a special research interest in home care needs of patients with RA and the role of their informal caregivers. From 2003, my research interest shifted to the field of Marketing Communication and Consumer Psychology.


My current research interests are inspired by Social and Environmental Psychology, and particularly focus on consumer experiences in relation to the design of the physical and social service environment. Fields of interest:

Services marketing


Authentic consumer experience

Ambient features (music, coloured lighting)

Waiting times

Recent research projects: environmental design and (waiting) time perception of railway passengers at NS (Dutch Railways, Utrecht); the influence of SchoolVision lighting (Philips Lighting, Eindhoven) on concentration, well-being and cooperative learning among school children. These research projects incorporate both experimental field studies and (virtual) laboratory studies.


Next to my role as master track-coordinator “Marketing Communication”, I am involved in the following courses.



Essentials in Marketing Communication & Consumer Behavior
Social Psychology for Mangers
Introduction course Consumer Psychology


Function and membership

Master track coordination of Marketing Communication and Consumer Psychology, Member (chair) of the educational advisory board: OLC Communication Studies, member of the Library Committee Communication Studies






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Conferences and Presentations

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