Barth, S. (Susanne) MSc

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Lecturer and PhD candidate




Availability and office


Mo . / Tu. - Cubicus, kamer C 212

We. / Thu. / Fr. Zilverling, kamer Z4039






+31 53 – 489 2997

+31 53 – 489 3299 (secretary CS)

+31 53 – 489 3776 (secretary EWI)







Dutch profile





Trust and credibility in organizations, among individuals and online (special focus on cyber security)


Human factors


Intercultural communication (special focus on the differences between Germany and The Netherlands)


Social Network Analysis Survey


Usability testing


In-depth interviews


Experimental design




Coordinator Module 3 (TOM/B1)


Tutor BSc


Supervisor BSc and pre- and master assignments


Research methods



Susanne has expertise in corporate publishing and public relations. She obtained her master’s degree in Communication Science with specialization on marketing and a second master’s degree in Psychology with specialization on human factors and media psychology at the University of Twente. Before working as a tutor at the University of Twente, Susanne has worked several years at a correspondence office in Milan (Italy). Further, she was working as an editor-in-chief for a corporate publishing magazine in Munich (Germany).

From 2013 on, Susanne has been working as a lecturer at the department of Communication Science, CS-CMC. On September 2015, she started with her PhD-project (SERIOUS project). The project is a collaboration between the EWI faculty, Services, Cyber Security and Safety group and the BMS faculty, CS-CMC.


Participation at the Jodocus-Hermann-Nünning-Preis 2013

Scientific publications and presentations


Barth, S., Schraagen, J. M., & Schmettow, M. (2015). Network measures for characterising team adaptation processes. Ergonomics, 58(8), 1287-1302. Doi: 10.1080/00140139.2015.1009951 [ISI]

Jansen, M. G. M., Jansma, S. R., Barth, S., & de Jong, M. D. T. (2015). Push or match? Een vergelijking van informatiebehoefte van burgers en aangeboden informatie van partijen en media. Antwerp, Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap 2015.


Barth, S., Van Hoof, J. J., & Beldad, A. (2014). Reading between the lines: A comparison of 480 German and Dutch obituaries. Omega - Journal of Death and Dying, 68(2), 161-181. [ISI]