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Online bullying in primary and secondary schools


(Young) adolescents and online risk behavior


Media education with a positive approach


Children and online risk behaviour


Compliance research using mystery shopping studies


Participatory research as a qualitative approach


Eye-tracking research into practice




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The research Niels Baas conducts is mainly focused children’s and adolescent’s behavior in the online world. The research mainly concerns online risk behavior, particularly focused on cyber bullying. Baas focuses on children’s and adolescent’s perspectives on the way adults should treat the online world in the upbringing of their children. What is more is that especially the own experiences and opinions of the children and adolescents are treated as most valuable to learn about their world.

Although it seems like we already know much about children and adolescents and their consciousness, in practice still very little research is being conducted on their perspectives. Besides that, in general children are mainly studied using pre-structured methods like the questionnaire.

In his studies Baas applies creative, qualitative and child-oriented research methods. An example of this approach is one of his studies using a participatory approach (origine: grounded theory/ grassroots). In this study the children completed topic related assignments, discussed online experienced problems with peers and had group conversations facilitated by the researcher. Several projective techniques and enabling techniques were applied. The participatory approach is mainly concerned with creating a situation of mutual learning. In the example research case the children appeared to be strongly empowered by participating in the project. Moreover, the researcher gained knowledge by observing and facilitating the project. More recently Baas has finished a large scale qualitative study on online grooming, sexting, virtual theft and bullying for the Dutch police. This research was carried out among adolescents grade one and three of the Dutch education direction VMBO.

What is more is that Baas is specialized in research on the trait called “high sensitivity” among children and



Promotor: Prof.dr. M.D.T. de Jong


Assistant promoter: Dr. A.J.A.M. van Deursen


Best teacher award 2012-2013 communication studies

Best teacher award 2011-2012 communication studies

Winner of the Behavioral Sciences thesis award 2010/2011

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Founder and director of Cyberpesten de Baas

Employee and speaker at the foundation Mijn Kind Online

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Scientific publications


Baas N., de Jong M.D.T. & Drossaert, C.H.C. Children’s Perspectives on Cyberbullying: Insights Based on Participatory Research. (2013) Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking (in press)

Specialist publications

Als je kind gepest wordt op internet. Gepubliceerd in Margriet, april 2013, p. 38-41.

Cyberpesten: Do's en don'ts voor ouders. Gepubliceerd in J/M voor ouders PUBERSPECIAL (Nummer 6, najaar 2010).

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Interview: Leerkrachten denken dat cyberpesten op hun school niet gebeurt. Gepubliceerd in Vives: het vakblad ten behoeven van [ict] vernieuwingen binnen het onderwijs [po/vo/bve], nummer 118, oktober 2011, p. 38-39.