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Technical communication


Computer-aided translation


Software localization


Zhijun Gao’s PhD research focuses on localization, translation, and technical communication in a Chinese context. The research project includes six specific studies: (1) a literature study into the relationship between localization, technical translation, and technical communication, (2) a survey investigating current practices and problems of technical communicators and translators in China, (3) development and testing of a controlled language system, (4) a study into the usability of documents written using controlled language, (5) development and testing of specific controlled language systems for different companies, (6) a study into the contribution of controlled language to the reduction of writing and translation costs, in three conditions: normal translation, computer-aided translation and machine translation.

Apart from that, Zhijun Gao conducts research into technical translation tools, and the characteristics and use of instant messaging apps.



Promotor: Prof.dr. M.D.T. de Jong


Co-promotor: Prof. J. Yu (Peking University)

Positions & Memberships


Lecturer, School of Software and Microelectronics, Peking University, Beijing, China


Member of the Localization Service Committee of the Translators Association of China

Review activities


Member of the Editorial Review Board of Technical Communication

International experience

Visiting scholar at University of Twente, January 2013

Academic publications

Gao, Z. (2013). 计算机辅助翻译工具测评框架初探 [An initial exploration of the evaluation framework for computer-aided translation tools]. Chinese Translators Journal, 2013(5), 70–76.

Professional publications

Gao, Z., Yu, J., & De Jong, M. (2013). Technical communication in China: A world to be won. Intercom, 60(1), 11–13.


Translation technology overview. October 2012. Hohai University, Nanjing, China

The usage of computer-aided translation tools. March 2012. Beijing Jiaotong University