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Anselm Iwundu, PhD candidate

Anselm Iwundu




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Anselm Iwundu (1978) obtained a Masters degree in Environment & Energy management from the CSTM-University of Twente MEEM program (2007) after having received a Bachelor degree in Geology from the Federal University of Technology Owerri in Nigeria (2004). His Masters thesis focused on the Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), where he carried out an empirical study of how firms´ in the North of Netherlands through CSR practice have enhanced their reputation and financial performance.

In September 2008, he officially joined CSTM to work on his Ph.D research. He will be studying the impacts of social, economic and political system flaws on business´ sustainability efforts in selected northern and southern countries and how key players in these countries address them, as well as evaluating the extent to which these flaws may impede the progress made towards global sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. His PhD research is being supervised by Prof. Hans Bressers and Dr.Theo De Bruijn.




Socio-Politics, Governance and Sustainability


Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder management


Environmental management


System change and Sustainable development