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Master Environmental & Energy Management (MEEM)

Are you interested in building a career in the field of Environmental, Energy or Water Management? And do you like to share and exchange knowledge with an international group of students? Then the Master of Environmental and Energy Management could be of interest for you.


Master Bioresource Value Chain Manager

Are you interested to become an expert in connecting bioresources, technologies and companies in new biobased value chains for sustainable products and materials? If yes, you should read more about our new master curriculum on Bioresource Value Chain Manager we offer from September 2017 onwards as specialisation in the UT master Sustainable Energy Technology. The specialisation track Bioresource Value Chain Manager of SET offers a multidisciplinary program on bioresource value chain management. Graduates will become value chain managers in the biobased economy. Bioresources are local resources with unique characteristics and their sustainable economic usage require multidisciplinary trained experts able to turn the resources into profitable business. The  specialization, therefore, teaches on bioresources, technologies and economics as specific features and characteristics of bioresource value chains. You will learn about the bioresource value chain as a flow of biomass resources (what can you make of it), as a network of interconnected technologies and products (how can you make it), as a flow of economic transactions (how can you turn it into profitable business) and about bioresource value chain optimization and innovation (how can you improve the chain). The program combines a material and an energy focus on bioresources, which is unique in Europe. Practice orientation, internationalization and collaboration with industry are core features of the program. Read more...

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