IGS University of Twente
Research group CSTM

About us

For more than 25 years, we have contributed to achieving a better living environment for everyone. At first we were a small group of environmentally-conscious academics at University of Twente. In the meantime, we have matured into a full-grown environmental-scientific university department. By now, we have a firm standing in various environment-related scientific disciplines. A fact which we are proud of!
For us, science and education are future-oriented endeavours. They contribute to achieve societal goals. One such goal is to restrain environmental degradation. Another is to further the discovery of knowledge for dealing with the challenges of modernity. As such, we strive to improve our understanding of society in applied as well as theoretical ways. In our doings, we aspire to maximise international cooperation and cross-cultural learning, as is reflected in the multicultural faculty at the department.