Human Factors

Reliability of Wearable technology – Quality of the E4-Noordzij

You feel stressed, your heart beats faster, you feel the sweat literally in your neck. Everyone gets stressed at some point in time. But there are other reasons why your heart rate and sweat levels go up, such as a heavy cognitive task, and certain emotions. It might be that you miss your stress reaction in certain circumstances. Nowadays, the technology has been developed so far that we can use wearables with to measure sweat level (electrodermal acitvity, EDA) and heart rate (heart rate variability, HRV) in real-time. These wearables are also becoming smaller and easier to carry. The new E4 Empatica is an example of a wearable (see below). It needs to be properly validated.

You will present students with stress tasks while people wear the E4 and more standard, already validated (not wearable) sensors. The question is to what extent the E4 can measure physiological reactions due to stressors as well as the standard sensors.

The study is under supervision of Dr. Matthijs Noordzij.