Cognitive Psychology

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The vigilant brain-Van der Lubbe / Schmettow; 2 MA students

Supervisors: dr. Rob van der Lubbe, Martin Schmettow

In a recent study, we compared the relevance of different measures derived from the EEG to measure the vigilant state of individuals. With these measures, the major idea was to determine what analysis method is most effective in predicting lapses of attention, which in for example driving conditions may lead to serious accidents. We employed ERPs, Fourier analyses, and ERD/ERS. The employed research paradigm, however, may not have been the most effective. Goal of the MA-projects is to develop an improved paradigm, which might simply imply that more non-target stimuli are presented, and which may enable to use the recently developed LPS method (Van der Lubbe & Utzerath, 2013).