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Affective Priming in HCI-Schmettow

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) deals with making interactive products (like websites or smart phone apps) that people find usable and that they like. So, HCI needs methods to measure the quality of user experience with a product. Most researchers today let users fill out questionnaires to learn about the “likability” of products.

As a psychology student you certainly know Likert scales suffers from several problems, for example the bias of social desirability. So, for objective evaluation of products, can we use other empirical paradigms which do not base on subject self reports?

In other words: Can we read the minds of users seeing a novel product? New developments in consumer psychology suggest that with affective priming one can obtain judgments without having to ask a person directly.

When taking this assignment, you


do a brief literature on subjective measures in HCI


conduct a full literature review on affective priming


select a priming method and design an experiment, evaluating whether affective priming may replace Likert scales in HCI studies

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