Master Human Factors & Engineering Psychology (HFE)

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This specialization belongs to the master's programme Psychology.

The master Human Factors & Engineering Psychology emphasizes interaction between people and technology. You will discover how to design or improve technological applications using your knowledge of cognitive psychology.

Interaction of people and technology

The specialization in Human Factors & Engineering Psychology focuses on the requirements and skills of people when it comes to interaction with technology. You learn to look beyond the individual: how does the environment influence the individual? How can something not simply be a matter of human error? In addition, you translate cognitive processes into intelligent systems: what makes a system intelligent? How can an intelligent system (like a robot vacuum cleaner) think or decide for itself? Furthermore, you will investigate the usability of websites and applications, for example, and how to fit the requirements of the eventual user to the operation of a system. 

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Graduation Opportunities

While conducting your research for your Master’s thesis, you will study, for example, how people wish to receive feedback about their energy use through a system. You might also research how processes in a factory can be optimized, taking into account cognitive limitations (like mental workload) of the employees.

More information about topics for a master thesis you can find here.