List of participants and their papers

Monday 30 June: Higher education and the needs of society: a sociological perspective

Matti Lindberg

University of Turku , Finland

Research Unit for the Sociology of Education

Tel.: +358-2-333 6579

Transition from school to work

Ernesto Tavoletti

University of Florence, Italy


Tel.: +39-347-9611 020

High education and high intellectual unemployment: does education matter? – an interpretation and some critical perspectives

Bernhard Chromy

Fachhochschul-Studeingänge der

Wiener Wirtschaft GmbH, Austria

Tel.: +43-1-50113 108

Innovation Management in Higher Education – A Review of Austria’s Fachhochschulen

Karmo Kroos

Center for Policy Studies

Political Science, Estonia

Tel.: +372-50-62 420

The Role of University in Social Transformation: Case of Estonia

Tuesday 1 July: Quality, Efficiency and Equity: the contribution of economic theory to higher education research.

Maarja Soo

University of North Carolina

Department of Public Policy

Tel.: +1-919-960 8722

The impact of performance based

funding schemes on universities’ behavior

Vuokko Kohtamäki

University of Tampere, Finland

Department of Administrative Science

Tel.: +358-3-215 7553

Financial autonomy of professional higher education institutions : comparison between Finland and some European countries

Teri Albrecht

University of Texas at Austin


Higher Education Administration

Tel.: +1-512-891 6803

Financing Higher Education in Germany

Ana-Maria Dima

University of Twente

CHEPS, Netherlands

Tel.: +31-53-489 3364

Privatisation and Organisational Evolution in Higher Education

Wednesday 2 July: The role of higher education in constructing knowledge societies: issues of access and equity

James Jowi Otieno

Universit of Oslo, Norway

Comparative and International Education

Tel.: +47-93667203

Governing Higher Education in the stakeholder society: Rethinking the role of the state in Kenya’s higher education

Jasmin Beverwijk

University of Twente

CHEPS, Netherlands

Tel.: +31-53-489 4574

Policy change in the Mozambican higher education sector

Amita Chudgar

Stanford University

School of Education, USA

Tel.: +1 650-498-0781

Understanding the impact of the household in higher education decisions in India with a specific focus on gender

Wojchiech Duczmal

WSZiA in Opole, Poland

Tel.: +48-77-402 1912

Educational reform in Poland, its effects on the performance of higher education institutions and the legitimacy of marketization policy in higher education

Thursday 3 July: Trading public good in the higher education market

Ales Vlk

Charles University, Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 19 738 1376

The Renegotiation of Higher Education under GATS

Legal and regulatory consequences & Stakeholders’ responses

Anneke Lub

University of Twente

CHEPS, Netherlands

Tel.: +31-53-489 3579

Higher Education Institutions’ Responses to Europeanisation, Internationalisation and Globalisation

Eric Beerkens

University of Twente

CHEPS, Netherlands

Tel.: +31-53-489 3261

Global opportunities and institutional embeddedness : the management of interuniversity networks in Europe and Southeast Asia

Petra Boezerooy

University of Twente

CHEPS, Netherlands

Tel.: +31-53-489 4818

The management of the introduction and delivery of technology in higher education institutions: “Does policy matter?”

Catherine Burnheim

(Distance learning student)

Monash University

Faculty of Education, Australia

Tel.: +61-3-9925 7529

Networks and social capital in Australian Universities

Friday 4 July: The changing socio-economic role of higher education: implications for organisational change

Aleksandra Kovač

University of Maribor, Slovenia

Department for university development

Tel.: +386-2-2355 252

Policy formation and implementation at the university : comparative analysis of curriculum change at two universities in Slovenia

Liudvika Leisyte

University of Twente

CHEPS, Netherlands

Tel.: +31-53-489 3337

New Public Management and Research Capacity in Higher Education

Tibor Csizmadia

University of Veszprém, Hungary

quality management in higher education : The role of QM in satisfying the stakeholder demands

Marc Kaulisch

University of Twente

CHEPS, Netherlands

Tel.: +31-53-489 3263

Academic career strategies

Helena Pettersson

Umeå University

Departement of Culture and Media/Ethnology

Tel.: +46-90-786 5082

Research and Culture : a cultural analysis study on post disciplinary research communities


Valerije Korosec

Institute of Macro Economics Social Analyses

Tel.: +38-641-897-133


Tamara Webster

Association of Commonwealth Universities