Lecturers and convenors

Every day was started with a lecture by a well-known scholar, followed by a discussion on the lecture. The first day Manuel Castells presented. On Day 2 the floor went to David Dill, followed on day three by Simon Marginson. The fourth day saw Dirk van Damme in the keynote slot. On the last day Nico Cloete analysed what he had observed during the week and the whole week was wrapped up with an integrating overview from CHEPS’ own Marijk van der Wende. Jon File and Leo Goedegebuure tried to prevent the discussions going off topic and made sure that everybody kept to the time schedule. And we must not forget to mention the final presentations of Jon at the end of the day, summarising the whole day in just a few slides with the most wonderful graphics.

Manuel Castells and Marijk van der Wende

Simon Marginson

David Dill

Marijk van der Wende


Nico Cloete