The themes

Theme 1: Higher Education and the network society

Exploration of the network society and its implications for higher education

Manuel Castells

Theme 2: The network-society: implications of the steering and co-ordination of higher education.

Institutional Design and the Network Society: Emerging Challenges for Public Policy in Higher Education
David. D. Dill

Theme 3: The higher education enterprise

The Enterprise University as networked university
Simon Marginson

Theme 4: New meanings of quality assurance in the networked-university

The networked university: implications for quality (assurance)
Dirk Van Damme

Theme 5: The Rise of the Networked University: Fact or Fashion?

The Networked University: The impact of Globalization and New Technologies

Marijk van der Wende

Conceptual and Critical Reflections on the Networked University

Nico Cloete