Themes in Higher Education:

1. The rise of the stakeholder society

Jasmin Beverwijk and Henno Theisens
The stakeholder society

2. New modes of co-ordination

Karola Kampf
The Rising Complexity of the Higher Education Policy Arena, Changing Corporative Actors and Modes of Coordination

3. Globalisation and internationalisation

Eric Beerkens and Anneke Lub
Globalisation & Higher Education Research: Outset for a conceptual framework

Elisabeth Lavender
University management and academic work in relation to globalisation: How is the corporate university related to globalisation and does this affect the university management and the nature of work within the university? 

Johanna Witte
Transnational Education as a phenomenon of globalisation in higher education: Insights from British and Australian Universities‘ offshore activities

Kurt De Wit
Higher Education, the State, and Europe

4. Strategies for the adaptive university

Deanna de Zilwa
Waving not drowning: an investigation of adaptation strategies used by Academic Units in Australian Universities to adjust to changes in their operating environments.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Twente,

Ales Vlk
Ten years of transformation of the Czech higher education system: have the goals been fully achieved?

5. New technologies, new providers and new products

Anu Kokko
New Technologies and Changing Skills Requirements : Skill gaps and overflows in the field of business

Thomas Pfeffer
"Virtualisation" of Universities

Sheldon Rothblatt
Teaching technologies and the university -an historical view

Tanan Thune
E-learning as competitive strategy in higher education : markets, competitors and alliances