CHEPS’ research: Excellent!

The research of CHEPS, more in particular our research on Higher Education and Research in the Knowledge Society, has been subject of a regular research evaluation in spring 2009.

According to the high-level international visitation committee our programme has an established international reputation in the areas of changing relationships between higher education and government and higher education and its stakeholders. It has been responsible for ground breaking research on the steering and coordination of higher education, it pursues a highly coherent and internationally significant research agenda, which puts the group at the forefront internationally within its field. The group deserves commendation for its strategic approach to addressing some of the most significant research questions in the field of higher education policy studies. The committee also recognises that the output of the group has had direct impact on policy debates and implementation nationally and internationally.

The committee concluded that we conduct a strong and sustainable research programme of international standing and relevance which is at the forefront of its field globally. The committee rated the quality (5) and the relevance (5) of the programme as excellent, the productivity (4) as very good, and the prospects of the group as excellent (5) (5 is the maximum score).

The committee, which was invited by the Institute of Governance Studies (IGS) of the University of Twente and organised by Quality Assurance Netherlands Universities (QANU) comprised Prof. Hans-Dieter Klingemann, Simon Fraser University, Canada; Prof. Vincent Lynn Meek, University of Melbourne; Prof. Kris Deschouwer, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; and Prof. Peter Knoepfel, Université de Lausanne.

For more information on our review and the review of other programs in political science and public administration at the University of Twente, click here (Dutch only)