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The German Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) has appointed Jürgen Enders as a new member. The Academy represents the interests of German sciences and technology in Germany and abroad. As a working academy, acatech supports policy makers and society with technically qualified evaluations and far-sighted recommendations.

acatech brings together the best minds in science and business. The members of acatech are admitted into the organisation based on their outstanding scientific achievements and excellent reputation. Since acatech handles a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary issues in science and technology, members stem from the engineering and natural sciences, the humanities and the social sciences

acatech works to promote sustained growth through innovation. acatech focuses on four core areas:


Scientific recommendations: acatech advises policy makers and the public on future technology issues based on the best of research.


Transfer of expertise: acatech provides a platform for exchange between the sciences and business.


Promotion of young scientists and engineers: acatech is committed to supporting young scientists and engineers.


Voice for science and engineering: acatech represents the interests of scientists and engineers at a national and international level

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