Head of department

Prof. dr. J.J. (Hans) Vossensteyn

Areas of expertise:

  • Student financial support
  • Funding and economics of Higher Education
  • Internationalisation
  • Institutional quality assurance
  • National and institutional strategy/strategic management


Prof. Dr. F.A. (Frans) van Vught

Areas of expertise:

  • Higher Education policy
  • Higher Education management
  • European Higher Education policy internationalisation

Prof.Dr. G. (Guy) Neave
(Emeritus Professor)

Areas of expertise:

  • Higher Education policy in Europe
  • European integration

Academic Staff

Dr. P.S. (Paul) Benneworth

Areas of expertise:

  • University knowledge valorisation
  • University entrepreneurship
  • Research & impact evaluation
  • Universities and community engagement
  • Research, knowledge exchange and co-creation
  • Universities and regional development

Dr. H.F. (Harry) de Boer

Areas of expertise:

  • Governance, leadership and management of Higher Education Systems
  • Institutional Management, leadership, (strategic) management
  • Decision Making
  • Policy Analysis, policy design, policy implementation and evaluation

Drs. L. (Leon) Cremonini MA

Areas of expertise:

  • Quality assurance
  • Accreditation

J.M. (Jon) File

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategic planning
  • Institutional management
  • Governance of Higher Education systems
  • Leadership and management development in Higher Education

Dr. B.W.A. (Ben) Jongbloed

Areas of expertise:

  • Governance and management
  • Resource allocation
  • Student finance
  • Commercialisation and engagement
  • Indicators, classifications and rankings

Drs. F. (Frans) Kaiser

Areas of expertise:

  • Comparative studies of Higher Education
  • Use of indicators
  • System dynamics models

R. (Renze) Kolster M.Phil

Areas of expertise:

  • Internationalisation of higher education
  • International student mobility patterns
  • Student choices & motivation
  • Graduate employability

A. (Andrea) Kottmann

Areas of expertise:

  • Labour market transition of graduates
  • Doctoral training
  • Careers of doctoral degree holders
  • Evaluation of fellowship programs

Prof. Dr. L. (Liudvika) Leisyte

Areas of expertise:

  • Research governance and management
  • University-industry collaboration
  • Academic work and academic entrepreneurship
  • Europeanization of Higher Education
  • Disciplinary cultures

Dr. D.F. (Don) Westerheijden

Areas of expertise:

  • Quality management
  • Globalisation
  • Ranking
  • Evaluation

N. (Nadine) Zeeman MSc

Areas of expertise:

  • Transparency tools (classifications and rankings)
  • Student assistants coordination

Support Staff

H. (Hilly) ter Horst -Meester

Financial administrator

K.M.W. (Karin) van der Tuin –Wagenvoort


M.H.H.M. (Mirjam) Vaanholt –Visser


PhD Candidates

F. (Franziska) Eckardt MSc

Areas of expertise:

  • urban decision-making and strategy development projects
  • innovation and economic development in (peripheral) economic regions

K. (Katharina) Lemmens-Krug MSc

Areas of expertise:

  • transparency tools
  • diversity in higher education
  • university rankings

J.O. (James) Jowi

A. (Aleksandra) Kovacs

I. (Irena) Kuzmanoska

A.C.(Ton) van Weel, MSc