University in regional innovation (IGS)

CHEPS is involved in an OECD/IMHE project looking at the role of universities and other higher education providers in enhancing regional development. The overall objective of this project is to learn how and where the contributions of higher education institutions to their regions can be strengthened. IMHE is conducting a comparative review of how these issues are addressed in OECD countries, with the objective of reinforcing the partnerships and interplay between institutions and regions. Twelve regions across 10 countries are participating in the project. Together with colleagues from the University of Twente and Saxion Hogeschool Enschede, CHEPS is assisting in the writing of a self evaluation report for the Twente region. The report is based on materials supplied by the HEIs and regional stakeholders. This self study report will be used in the regional review of the Twente region that is to be carried out by an international team of experts that will visit the Twente HEIs later on this year.

Researcher involved: Ben Jongbloed