Project funding in The Netherlands

In the different activity lines of the EU Network of Excellence project PRIME (Policies for Research and Innovation in the Move towards the European Research Area), the ENIP project is supported. Already in its second year, ENIP stands for: European Network of Indicator Producers. Within ENIP an international team of researchers is looking at the size and composition of competitively allocated research funds in European universities. These funds - project funds – are often allocated by national research councils for specific research projects. CHEPS is assigned with collecting quantitative (financial) information and providing an analysis of the development of project funding (from the Dutch research council, ministries, as well as charities in the medical fields) in the Netherlands over the period 1970-2004.

Like other PRIME projects, ENIP is intended to investigate the “dynamics of public sector research”, using indicators, case studies and doing comparative research.

Researchers involved:

Ben Jongbloed and Frans Kaiser