Human Resources in Research & Development: Monitoring system on career paths and mobility flows (MOMO)

The objective of the project is the collection and analysis of data sources and data bases in nine countries of the European Union on migration flows and career paths of academics and private sector R&D personnel (acronym: MOMO). The priority is less to compile and evaluate valid statements about particular migration quotas of the academic communities described, but rather to examine official data sources, academic surveys, studies etc. for the purpose of establishing:


methodological and methodical approaches to a comprehensive and continuous inventory of migration movements among EU countries and between EU and non-EU countries;


the identification of gaps in data existence (and availability) impeding the establishment of a comprehensive inventory of migratory flows of researchers at all levels and dimensions. Some of the gaps are impossible to overcome in short and medium term. the conditions necessary for ensuring harmonization of future data registration within the EU from which it is possible to derive statements on a regular basis about inner-European migration of academics and R&D personnel and migration between EU and Third World countries.

According to the project technical specifications, “researchers“ are defined by their professional occupation and by their level of education. “Career paths“ correspond to the transition between categories such as doctoral student, young researcher, junior / s researcher, which may correspond to tenure or non-tenure position in the public or the private sectors. Mobility pertains both to geographical mobility (moves within Europe and between Europe and the rest of the world) and to sectoral mobility (between the public and private sectors).

Researcher: Jürgen Enders