Inventory policy instruments system steering in the Netherlands

The role of the national government towards the higher education system has changed. Steering at the distance has become a well-known concept that is still evolving. According to the latest plans, point of departure for governmental steering is the system’s level. The purpose of this project is to take stock of the policy instruments that fit such a steering concept. How can a government effectively and efficiently safeguard its responsibility for outcomes at the systems level when it is steering at a distance? In this study we will: 1) look at the literature on ‘modern’ policy instruments, 2) gather insights from other public sectors in the Netherlands (desk research and limited number of expert interviews), and 3) feed back the results from these other public sectors into higher education. The project will be carried out in close cooperation with the Ministry. The output will be a discussion paper (for internal ministerial use).

Researcher involved: Harry de Boer