IFP III: Follow-on study evaluation of the Ford Foundation

The core objective of the IFP is to provide opportunities for postgraduate study for outstanding individuals from social groups and communities that lack systematic access to higher education in IFP countries and to enable them to become leaders in their field to promote economic and social justice. Next to that, the IFP aims to strengthen the development of organizational networks for educational service provision, to stimulate public debate on access to higher education, and to contribute to research and public policy on social returns to higher education. Key to evaluating the IFP effectiveness and efficiency is thus assessing the extent to which there exists evidence of the programs contribution both in a direct and indirect way to these primary and secondary performance goals. In the light of these goals CHEPS has developed a design and implemented instruments for a formative evaluation of the IFP. This follow-on project is undertaken (1) to continue the surveys among Finalists selected and Alumni of IFP, (2) to implement a qualitative study among Alumni and International Partners of IFP on the impact of the program.

Researchers involved:

Andrea Kottman , Jürgen Enders and Liudvika Leišytė