Good practices in higher education policy: formulation and implementation

This project is commissioned by the Ford Foundation and carried out by CHEPS in co-operation with the National Center for Higher Education Management Studies (NCHEMS). It focuses on policy formulation and implementation in higher education. In particular it aims to:

* Prepare background papers describing and analyzing policy formulation and implementation in several specific states/nations.

* Prepare case problems to be used as analytical and educational tools.

* Prepare products dealing with "good practice" in both policy formulation and implementation for use by policy analysts and policymakers.

* Reinforce and expand networks among academic, policy, and technical assistance centers that focus on higher education policy.

* Provide professional development and dissemination activities for both newcomers to the field and incumbents in policy analysis positions.

Researchers involved in the project:
Margarita Jeliazkova, Jürgen Enders, Peter Maassen, Henno Theisens