European University Observatory

The overall objective of this co-operative project of 14 European partners supported by the Network of Excellence PRIME is to provide universities with tools adapted to the governance of research activities. According to this goal, the « Observatory on European University » will elaborate and produce indicators for supporting universities strategy and management processes. This task requires to discuss and test new indicators of university performance as well as activities and methods for representing and measuring the multidimensional nature of performance to foster the capability of universities to compare (benchmark) with relevant other universities.

The « Observatory on European University » is based on 1 Goal and 2 principles:


Goal : to develop tools and instruments for helping universities characterise their activities


Principle 1: to provide a support for each university to position, compare, benchmark themselves with relevant other universities. Practical application of this principle: to identify a common core of descriptors and indicators to be shared by all universities


Principle 2: to mix external and internal sources, gathered on the basis of recurrent « administrative » and « scientific » obligations. Practical application of this principle: to avoid ad-hoc data gathering and include data collection in ongoing reporting.

Researcher involved: Jürgen Enders