Conference Programme "Transparency in Diversity – Towards a European Classification of Higher Education Institutions"

Thursday, 10th July 2008

Part One: General Introduction into the Topic

14:00 h – 14:15 h


Margret Wintermantel, President HRK

14:15 h – 14:45 h

Transparency in European Higher Education

Ján Figel’, Member of the European Commission (via video message)
Peter van der Hijden, Representative of the European Commission

14:45 h – 15:15 h

Diversity and Dynamics of Higher Education Systems

Frans van Vught, CHEPS

15:15 h – 15:45 h

Classifications and Typologies

Marijk van der Wende, IMHE OECD

15:45 h – 16:15 h

Coffee Break

16:15 h – 16:45 h

Transparency in French EU Presidency

Claude Sauvageot, Representative of the French Ministry of Education

16:45 h - 17:15 h

Transparency in the Bologna Process

Dirk van Damme, Representative of the Flemish Ministry of Education

17:15 h – 18:30 h

Panel Discussion

Frans van Vught, Marijk van der Wende, Claude Sauvageot and Dirk van Damme
Chair: Christiane Gaehtgens, HRK

20:00 h

Dinner /Cultural Programme

Friday, 11th July 2008

Part Two: CEIHE – the Projects

9:00 h – 9:30 h

Ideas, Concepts, and Goals

Frans van Vught, CHEPS

9:30 h – 10:00 h

Methodological Approach and Results

Frans Kaiser, CHEPS

10:00 h – 10:30 h

Typology and Institutional Strategies

Peter West, University of Strathclyde

10:30 h – 11:00 h

Coffee Break

11:00 h – 11:30 h

Typology and the EHEA

Sybille Reichert, Reichert Consulting

11:30 h – 12:00 h

Typology and the ERA

Christiane Gaehtgens, HRK

12:00 h – 12:55 h

Panel Discussion of the Project Experts with the conference participants

12:55 h – 13:00 h

Closing of the Conference

Christiane Gaehtgens, HRK

13:00 h

Lunch and Departure of Participants