The state of the art ICT at the Dutch Digital University

The Dutch Digital University (DU, a consortium of ten Dutch higher education institutions) has commissioned CHEPS and the Dinkel Institute of the University of Twente to conduct a research about the state of the art with respect tot the use of information and communication technology in education at the ten consortium institutions. The objective of the research were to map how, for what purpose and to what extent ICT is used in practice; how students and teachers value the use of ICT; what stimulating and impeding factors are; and what the expectations are regarding the future of ICT. In addition, the project yielded information on how the local centres of expertise (on ICT) are organised and embedded in the institution and how the project can contribute to the professionalisation needs of the institutions. Ten case studies are written.

The title of the report is: “Halen, Brengen en Delen : de DU-nulmeting”

Researchers involved:

Petra Boezerooy,

Anneke Luijten- Lub