National evaluation of Internal University Governance

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has commissioned CHEPS to evaluate the Modernisation University Governance Organisation (MUB), implemented in 1998. By means of document analysis (university regulations), interviews with relevant persons involved and a survey across staff and students of Dutch universities, the research project will focus on:


which choices universities have made concerning the integration of management, (participation in) decision-making, accountability mechanisms;


how different actors within the university value the existing governance structure;


how the Dutch developments relate to institutional governance developments in a few other Western European countries; and


which recommendations can be formulated on the basis of the research.

The project was carried out between August 2004 and February 2005 and resulted in the report Gezonde Spanning.

Researchers involved:

Harry de Boer

Eric Beerkens

Jeroen Huisman

Leo Goedegebuure