Many universities in the USA and in Europe assume a more active role in furthering the socio-economic fate of the urban community. In the USA many universities have set up so-called community outreach programmes. These programmes are aimed at mobilising the university’s know-how to contribute to the prosperity of especially the more deprived segments of the urban community.

Such contributions can take various forms. Sometimes faculty members act as consultants for local governments or for community organisations. In other cases research activities are aimed at community problems or the faculty is providing instruction for members of the community. And in still other cases students are doing internships in neighbourhood or community organisations as part of their academic training. Several European universities are engaged in similar forms of community service.

On 10-11 April 2003 workshops were held regarding the above mentioned topics. CHEPS participated in these workshops (under the auspices of EURA).

Researchers involved:

Harry de Boer

Leo Goedegebuure