International co-operation in higher education

In 2000 Eric Beerkens started working on a Ph.D. project on international higher education consortia in Europe and Southeast Asia. This study looks at the emergence and performance of higher education consortia in Europe and Southeast Asia. The research attempts to explain the emergence of various kinds of inter-organisational arrangements in relation to processes of globalisation and regional integration. It is claimed in the study that the main indicators for the level of performance of higher education consortia are resource complementarity and institutional compatibility.

The study applies a multidisciplinary perspective on the study of organisational behaviour of higher education institutions in the global environment, drawing from various disciplines such as economic sociology, business and public administration and political science. It builds on concepts borrowed from these disciplines to explain how universities, which are very much embedded in national institutional contexts, exploit global and regional opportunities for resource exchange through inter-organisational collaboration. The expected date of completion of the dissertation is early 2004.

Researcher involved: Eric Beerkens