Review of EU Policies in Higher Education

This project aims to analyse EU policies in the area of higher education and to review relevant research in this area funded under the Targeted Socio Economic Research track of the 4th and 5th Framework Programmes for R&D.

The approach is based on an analysis of policy directions as presented in a range of recent EU documents and communications. Additionally various other sources are used, allowing to take into account the views of other stakeholders and also some wider international comparisons. First an analysis is made of the main contextual developments, followed by the challenges they represent for the higher education area, the policy responses that are provided and/or expected, and finally the implications for the various actors in the area. The themes and topics emerging from this analysis are considered as a basis for categories, for which EU funded research may provide relevant scientific findings. These findings and the way in which they can address the policies are analysed in the second phase of the project

The project is commissioned by the Directorate General Research of the European Commission

Researcher involved: Marijk van der Wende