The future Dutch higher education landscape

Whereas the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science envisages a ‘tableland with peaks’ as a metaphor for the future Dutch higher education landscape, it is a challenging question to analyse whether the conditions to achieve this are fulfilled. What is the impact of an economic recession? What is the impact of the breaking down of national barriers? Can such a landscape be realised in the context of the Dutch corporate model?

To find answers to these – and other - questions, Don Westerheijden and Jeroen Huisman developed a Delphi-questionnaire focusing on diversity, accreditation and excellence to take stock of the opinions and expectations of those sincerely involved in higher education regarding the (near) future. The results of the survey were used to develop a number of scenarios for Dutch higher education. The final report appeared in December 2001.

Researchers involved:

Don Westerheijden

Jeroen Huisman