Private higher education: programmes and clients

What are the programs offered by private higher education providers and what clients do they serve? These are the main questions addressed in a research project commissioned by the Education Council (Onderwijsraad) of the Netherlands. The project was a follow-up to the Funding and Recognition study by CHEPS (Jongbloed & Salerno, 2002) that looked at the criteria underlying the public funds flowing (either directly or indirectly) to public and private providers.

For this project the questions were: What programs are offered by the private higher education sector and what are the main characteristics of its student body? To what extent does this differ from the sector of publicly funded higher education? Information was collected for the following countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Pennsylvania (US), Australia and New Zealand. Apart from putting the information in its national context, a more general analysis was carried out to assess the role and potential of a privately funded higher education sector.

The report was published in 2004 on the website of the Education Council::

Researchers involved:

Ben Jongbloed, Carlo Salerno, Jeroen Huisman