Funding models: developments in the funding of Dutch universities

To prepare its advisory report on the public funding of the Dutch university sector (Paying for an Asset, March 2005) the Dutch Advisory Council for Science and Technology Policy (AWT) commissioned CHEPS to write a background report documenting developments in the funding of Dutch universities over the period 1992-2002. Apart from outlining the funding models, the report addressed the relevant policy debates over that period. The main focus was the funding of academic research. However, also the funding of teaching was discussed. Detailed time series are presented on the main sources of funds for individual universities (core government funding for teaching and research, competitive funding by research councils, tuition fees paid by students, and income earned in contract activities).

The report (De Bekostiging van het Universitaire Onderwijs en Onderzoek in Nederland: Modellen, Thema's en Trends, 2003) was published online on the AWT website.

Researchers involved:

Ben Jongbloed and Carlo Salerno