The costs per student in Dutch higher education

On the request of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the following two sets of questions are addressed: (1) What are the education-related costs per student in Dutch universities and hogescholen? How did costs change over time (from 1996 onwards) and what are the differences across broadly defined groups of disciplines? Do costs differ across institutions? Can institutional costs be related to differences in institutional size or indicators of educational quality; (2) What are the main developments over time for a number of indicators that relate to the resourcing of higher education institutions in other European countries? What do indicators relating to the staffing and use of other inputs tell us about the development in the Netherlands compared to the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden?

Researchers involved:

Ben Jongbloed

Carlo Salerno

Frans Kaiser

Een nieuwe methodologie voor het schatten van de kosten per student

Open PowerPoint-presentatie (Powerpoint presentation)

Kosten per student. Methodologie, schattingen en een internationale vergelijking